ManageX :: Project Management Solution

ManageX is a framework independent  (i.e. not pure scrum or agile or kanban) task management solution. A WordPress plugin for small teams and individuals to manage their projects, tracking tasks and expenses.


Objectives of the Project

  • Building a framework independent dashboard and integrated that inside WordPress as a plugin.
  • Live feed to manage and monitor projects & tasks.
  • Designing different project tracking tools including Task Calendar, Gantt Chart, Kanban Board and Time Tracker with CRUD (create, read, update, delete) functionality. 
  • Designing Budget Tracker to monitor expenses and an Automated Invoice Generator. 

My Contributions

  • Generative Research
  • Web Interface Design
  • Style guide
  • User flow & Information Architecture
  • Feature Modification



Need finding & Generative research

The stakeholders noticed that the most popular Project Management Platforms are not so friendly for small teams or individuals. Most of the tools are curated for software development, not for general purpose. On the other hand, simple tasks management tools lack tracking and milestone features.

So I initiated the project by asking a few individuals and small teams about their current project management flow and tools. I tried to understand the most frequent needs and wants of the potential user group.

Persona Modeling

After collecting feedback from in-depth interviews and an open survey I tried to segment user needs and created a few segments based on the demography.  I used a very simple persona model in this step. The initial focus group was already segmented as we were going to build it for the WordPress users first.


Initial Version

As it took a great amount of time to finish the initial research, the plan was to release an initial version of the main product with fewer features and visual polish. There were two parts to this process. It was a bit ugly and quick design. You can see a before/after version below.

Before & after version of the homescreen

Final Designs

A great product is always iterative in nature. We know that the look of the dashboard was not so lucrative, so I took the opportunity to revamp the whole visuals with better typography, higher contrast in color and meaningful hierarchy.