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CMED - Enterprise Health Monitoring Dashboard

CMED is a cloud-based medical healthcare system. CMED enables companies to measure and monitor vital health conditions using IoT-enabled and AI driven cloud based smart medical platform.

My Contributions

🛎️ Service design
🕷️ Web dashboard interface
🎨 Style guide
🔄 User flow

Objectives of the Project

✅ Design web dashboards for enterprise and personal usage. Which will work seamlessly with IoT enabled devices and smartphone.
✅ Design a concept for CMED’s landing page.

High fidelity wireframes & flowchart

Before going into the final visuals, I created some high fidelity mockup to quickly iterate over design ideas and validate design decision.
I also created a flow chart to quickly explain design ideas with other stakeholders.

Landing page concept

I was also tasked to create a landing page for CMED’s promotion. This landing page featured all aspects of their services.
Deliverables included, Wireframes, Polished desktop View and Updated Branding elements.

Main Dashboard

Here are the main features and pages I designed for their web dashboard. Please, click on images to get a better view.